Mehmet Akif AKKUS

Web of Computer Geometry Algorithms

WebCgal is a web tool and abreviation of Web of Computer Geometry Algorithms. It is specialized to ease understanding computer geometry algorithms.

It is written on javascript language and works on almost every web browser. (platform independent)

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Music Note Generating App

This app aims to produce randomized music using some balls on piano buttons. Ball positions, bouncing frequency and bouncing angle are not known initially. We hope this program to produce enjoyful melodies.

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Polygon Decomposition App

This app aims to decompose(partition) a simple polygon into sub-polygons with respect to predefined percentages. For example, 50%, 50% makes two polygons with the same area.

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Simple Pong Game

In this game, you will try to destroy all the balls by throwing an arrow. After hitting each ball, it replicates with half size. As soon as it is smaller than defined size, it disappear.

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